Our Faber-Castell stationery essentials for summer holidays & back to school

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If you're anything like me, as soon as the children break up for summer you'll want to try and get organised as early as possible, plan your quiet days at home, stock up on the basics and save yourself some time! As well as being prepared for the holidays, returning to school afterwards is usually a shock to the system for us all. The anticipation of a new school year can be both exciting and overwhelming but being prepared is key and you can try and ease any anxious feelings with something as simple as a back to school stationery list.

Seriously, I'm turning 30 this year and I still get just as excited over new stationery as what I did when I was in primary school and my eldest is no different. There is just something special about new pencils, crayons, pens and art supplies, it often gives me a huge sense of nostalgia. As well as back to school stationery I love to treat the children to some new bits ready to start the holidays. I often find new art supplies, crayons and a new notepad is all they need to let their creativity flow, become immersed in different activities and if truth be told it just makes a rainy day parenting at home a lot easier for us all!

We've all been really excited to use some of the Faber-Castell range. Faber-Castell is one of the worlds largest and oldest manufacturers of pens, pencils, art supplies and other office supplies. The products are innovative, extremely impressive and the colours are beautiful and vibrant.

If you live in the UK like us you'd know that we've recently had a heatwave with temperatures reaching 40 degrees (I know, crazy huh?!) I've been wanting to introduce Mabel to water colour paints for a while and I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out the Faber-Castell Connector Watercolour Paint Box.

I filled an old sandcastle bucket with water and put it in the fridge overnight, she was amazed when she saw the 'ice castle'! She quickly got to work with the paint to create her masterpiece. The paints gave off great coverage and it was beautiful to see the patterns and swirls created as soon as the brush touched the ice. The transparent lid can be used as a mixing dish which is great if you don't have a paint palette at home already and the set also comes with a tube of opaque white paint.

The Faber-Castell Click & Go Water Cups are great for school bags, they fold up really small for minimum space and the waved rim makes a practical brush holder. They're made from sturdy, thick and flexible material and great for on the go.

One of my main goals this summer break is getting both children outdoors as much as possible, for Mabel this means combining some of her favourite things - insects, colouring and anything girly! The Faber-Castell Sparkle Pastel Coloured Pencils were a huge hit paired with our pastel Butterly Colour print outs. Mabel matched each colour crayon to the butterfly and loved colouring in their beautiful wings. What I love the most about these pencils is the ergonomic triangular shape, which is perfect for Finley being left handed and Mabel being right handed. The wood is from certified sustainable forestry and carbon-neutral production. The set comes as a pack of 12 with a high-quality tin which is perfect for storage and on the go.

One of Finley's favourite subjects at school is art so I'm always keen to include as many opportunities for him to enjoy art at home. He's at the age where he's grown out of standard crafts and making things, but he's really keen on graffiti art and blending colours together. He was over the moon when he got the Faber-Castell Black Paper Sketch Pad & the Black Edition Colour Pencils. The pencils are lovely and soft, they blend really well on paper and do not crumble or snap when sharpened. They give off a really high-end artist quality but for a great price! The colours are really pigmented and intense, they're a perfect set for children of all ages.

So far he's drawn planets and the solar system, fruits and vegetables and practiced tons of bubble writing and graffiti art!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let us know your favourite Faber-Castell products, we'd love to try more of the range!

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